Chris King


I am Chris King, born on the Epiphany 1945, as the plutonium began to roll out of Hanford. I am a citizen of Aotearoa but have travelled widely in many parts of the world, spanning the North and South Americas, Europe, North Africa, the Near and Middle East and Central and South East Asia.

I have worked for most of my life as a university academic, with a research interest in chaotic and fractal dynamics, but my central scientific interests and discoveries have been in the cosmological foundations of the origin of life and consciousness in the quantum universe. My research productions are available on my research website.

I have also been a first-person visionary in entheogenic relationship with sacred mushrooms for most of my life and have made vigils to experience the world's key psychotropic species in their natural habitats, from South East Asia, through India and Afghanistan, to Mexico and the Amazon.

In 1999 – 2000 on my last academic sabbatical, I made a journey from the Andes through the Amazon to document one of the worst burning seasons and then was invited to travel to Jerusalem for millennial celebrations, where we performed rites of passage to open the epoch of long-term future goodness in reflowering the Tree of Life – the Earth's 3.5 billion year old evolutionary tree – in an all night ceremony on Scopus on Millennium Eve, in which Jane and I pronounced the anointing of the new epoch in the names of both God and Gaia in a verdant reflowering of the Messiah's jubilee passage, which Yeshua pronounced at Nazareth, becoming a collective affirmation, to restore the biosphere from human desolation, as the Earth bringeth forth her bud:

The spirit of God is upon us, the spirit of Gaia is within us
because they hath anointed us, to sing good tidings unto the meek
they hath sent us to bind up the broken-hearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives
and the opening of prison to them that are bound
to proclaim the acceptable year, to comfort all that mourn
to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion
in Palestine, in Sidon, in Syria, Arabia and the world
to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning
the garments of love for the spirit of heaviness
that they might be called trees of compassion
the planting of the divine, that all might be glorified
in the abundance of wisdom
and we shall renew the old wastes
and we shall restore the former desolations
and we shall repair the waste cities,
the desolations of many generations
they hath clothed us with the garments of salvation
and I as a bridegroom decketh myself with ornaments,
and I as a bride adorneth myself with jewels
for as the Earth bringeth forth her bud,
and as the garden causeth the things that are sewn in it to spring forth
so shall harmony and fulfilment spring forth among all the nations
this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

We then hosted a procession from Gethsemane on the morning of the Epiphany to declare the Gates of Mercy open and celebrate the sacred reunion of Woman and Man at the Western Wall in culmination of the patriarchal epoch.

In June 2021, after a seven year break, due to acute closed angle glaucoma, which threatened immediate blindness if my pupils became dilated, I broke my sacred mushroom fast in a quantum change experience of iconic union with the "mind at large" as Aldous Huxley termed it and Brahman-atman as the Upanishads describe it. The result is Symbiotic Existential Cosmology – the veridical cosmology of the universe in which we consciously exist.

Several weeks ensued in which I had to reconstruct my world view around an integrally symbiotic relationship between conscious existence and the universe, arriving at the core principles of Symbiotic Existential Cosmology. This was something I had always understood intuitively and underlies all my writing, but produced a totally unexpected creative synthesis, resulting in the definitive creative commons monograph in the ensuing months.

A key aspect of this discovery is reaffirming human subjectively conscious volition over the physical universe, which in turn has implications for panpsychism and animisim and the foundations of religious belief, complementing the science of quantum cosmology and its interactive developments in biogeneis and biological evolution, leading to conscious organisms. This effectively turns both the scientific and religious world views inside out, inverting the Copernican principle in the process.

I intend to tenaciously communicate this discovery as a quantum chaos dynamicist should, to facilitate saving the biodiversity of planet Earth before mindless human misadventure precipitates a full blown mass-extinction of life, which will inevitably damage the prospects of humanity surviving in evolutionary time and very likely cause our extinction as a species in a sefl-induced Fermi apocalypse.

Covenant of Life: In the spirit of consilience, I humbly ask all of us worldwide to join with me in this critical venture of planetary redemption, as autonomous human beings, mutually affirming our agreement to dedicate a full half of each of planet Earth's land and ocean habitats to the preservation and future evolution of life – to sustain the diversity of life with our lives to turn the tables on exploitation and expediency – to support the next generation's strike for life, not just for climate, but for the diversity of life itself, in living rebellion against the extinction of life at human hands.

We CAN DO this!

What we have within us will save us if we bring it fort from ourselves.